Security Consulting

Security Consulting

Ironshare’s Security Consulting Offerings

In our modern world of advanced threats, cyber-crime and nation-state sponsored attacks, it is no longer a case of ‘IF‘ your business will be compromised but ‘WHEN‘ will it be compromised. Large organisations are no longer the prime focus for attackers, companies of all types and sizes are targets. If you require your current security assessing or need help with finding the right security solution, then Security Consulting is for you. Check out our consulting offerings below to see what we can do for you.

IT Security Self-Assessment

With an ever-growing threat landscape, every organisation should have a cyber security capability in place. That’s not to say it’s an easy task – establishing the right technical and organisational safeguards can be expensive and time-consuming, especially if you’re starting from scratch.

At Ironshare, we aim to assist organisations of every shape and size – from the smallest family business right up to global corporations. Our consultancy team can help to define and shape your IT Security strategy, and ensure you get the right tools in place, quickly.

We present a survey below that assesses your own organisation’s security capability – It’s free to use and takes just a few minutes to complete.

Security Health Checks

A Security Health Check is a collection of analysis methods & techniques, which are used to uncover the gaps in your security and understand where the real threats to your organisation may come from. If you are new to this and have not yet performed an assessment of your security, it strongly recommended that you engage a security partner to assist you in this area. Security health checks or assessments must be part of any organisations ‘critical activities’. Ironshare recommends that you carry out these health checks on at least an annual basis. Whether you’re a first timer or you just need a new partner to help with your annual checks, why not try Ironshare’s Security Health Check service, we’re here to help you identify and plug your security gaps.

Our Security Health Checks:

  1. Help you to better understand your security strengths and weaknesses
  2. We analyse your weak points and highlight gaps in your security
  3. Give clear and simple guidance for areas that need your focus and priority
  4. Help you make the right decisions on where to best spend your security budget
  5. Receive a health check report containing the details of the assessment and any associated recommendations in a simple to understand format

Incident Response & Investigation

Whether you need assistance with a new or ongoing security issue, or you think you may have been compromised and need help with hunting down the threat, then our Incident Response service may be what you need. Our Incident Response service can help you identify and contain the threat, remove the presence of the threat, identify the root cause and remedy the underlying issues that led to the compromise. In addition we will help you to prepare for, manage, and recover from future threats to your organisations networks. A report of the engagement can also be provided as required.

Secure Design & Solutions

Information and cyber security can be a hostile landscape, but for every challenge there’s an available solution. You might be taking your first steps with Security, be confused by all the information, and don’t know where to start. Or, you might know what you need to achieve, but need guidance with how to achieve your goals and select the right solutions to your problems; Ironshare are here to help.

We can help get you on your path to realising your security goals, ultimately improving your overall security posture. By assessing your requirements, Ironshare can assist you with finding the ideal solutions to address the problems you are facing. Once you have found the right solution, we can then help you define a documented secure design for the implementation of your chosen solution.

Although Ironshare provides a number of security products and services, they might not be the right fit for you at this time, because of this we don’t just focus on our defined solutions to meet your requirements. This service we will consider all market leading products and services, or the specific vendors, you feel are best suited to you.

Information Assurance

Information Assurance refers to the protection of information systems, computers and networks within an organisation, and is typically based on Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability (the CIA triad), Authentication and Non-Repudiation. Simply put ‘are my systems sufficiently secured?’.

Technical Assurance on the other hand focuses on the prevention of mistakes and errors that may arise during the implementation of Information systems or technical controls. Or in simplified terms ‘have my systems and controls been implemented properly, and do what they should?’.

Ironshare’s Assurance services are in place to review the quality of your company’s Information and Technical, practices and controls, to give you the confidence that they are delivering on what is expected. This can include reviewing technical implementations, standards, guidelines and procedures, as well as architectural and technical design review. If we find any gaps or shortfalls, they will be presented along with suitable recommendations in a final report.

Strategy & Road-map Development

Creating the ideal IT Security strategy is not an easy task. An IS strategy needs to be specifically tailored and take into account the organisations:

  • Security goals
  • Business goals and strategy
  • Architecture and technologies
  • Financial budget
  • The organisations risk appetite

Ironshare can assist you with the development of your Security strategy, to ensure it aligns with items above. Once your strategy is agreed, we can help to define and document a road-map to achieve the delivery of your strategy.

Network Asset Discovery

The first of the CIS Critical Security Controls is to manage and control your inventory of assets, this ensures that only authorised devices are allowed onto the network. To implement this control you need to know what assets you have through an accurate inventory. Ironshare use some excellent products which can help you discover your assets present on the network and not only create but also actively maintain an asset inventory. If required we can also assist or provide guidance with identifying your critical assets and data.

Information Security Documentation

Security documentation is a key component for security teams to understand, enforce and communicate the organisations security model, and is made up of policies, standards, procedures and guidelines. These security documents outline the company’s security culture, and how it’s going to secure its information assets and systems. Ironshare has a number of templates that can help you create or develop your own Security documentation, and of course we can help you along the way as necessary. Our templates include Secure Hardening baselines for IT infrastructure components, which are based upon CIS (Center for Internet Security) and NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) standards. These baselines can be tailored for your specific organisation.

Consulting Retainer Service

With the rapid growth of the IT Security sector, combined with the shortfall of available Security professionals in the industry, it can be difficult for organisations to attract and hold onto qualified and experienced staff. Ironshare offer access to skilled security resources, that can work with you on a retainer basis. The retainer will allow you to purchase time in advance so you can call upon their services for a few hours or days a month, when your needs arise. This purchased retainer works on the pay for access model which is used to arrange access to expert consultants that can help you with any of our consulting services or your own ad-hoc security requirements.

Security Training and Awareness

Ironshare customers that take on our products or services, may need their staff to have hands on access to understand how they work, and know what to look for if an issue arises. If this is a requirement for you, we can arrange structured training or awareness sessions, that will get your personnel up to speed. You decide exactly what you need and we will tailor the training to your specific requirements.

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