How We Do It

Ironshare’s Simple Engagement

As you have probably gathered by now, our approach is to deliver Security, Simplifed. With that in mind, this page takes you through the ordering process, and gives you a step-by-step guide of how you might go from being interested in one of our services, to having the service deployed and live. We know from experience that filling in forms on the internet can be a gamble, as you can be constantly pestered by salespeople who want to talk you into buying.

We don’t do that. We are confident in our service and answer your questions on our website – including pricing, which many others avoid. Like everything else, we aim to keep things really easy and as this 10-step plan shows, it’s very straightforward to engage our services.

10 Steps to Go-Live

Step 1Welcome

You found us!

Hopefully one of our easy-to-read and informative articles brought you to our site, or maybe we pointed you this way after a conversation. Either way, it’s good news – you’re here!

Step 2Interested?

You’ve seen a product or service you’re interested in

Whether it’s our managed Cisco Umbrella service, Cisco AMP for Endpoints, some ad-hoc consulting advice – or a combination of all three – hopefully you’ve read enough to understand what’s right for you and your organisation.

Step 3How much?

Automated quotes in seconds – no hard sell

Unlike other companies we make no secret of our pricing and our instant pricing tool delivers a quote within seconds. No awkward sales conversations – just prices – instantly!

Step 4Formal quote

Complete your details & a formal quote will be delivered to your inbox

You’ve got the price, and now you need to take it forwards within your own business. When you fill in your details on the quote page, a formal quote will be delivered direct to your inbox in minutes.

Step 5Place order

Let us know when you’re ready and we’ll process your order

We are totally flexible regarding payment – as standard it’s one annual fee, but we have options to do monthly pricing if that works better for you.

Step 6Get started

Before we start, we ask you a few questions…

It’s time to get your service started. The first thing we will do is send you over a short online survey form that will help us get all the basic information we need. This ensures we are prepared for a fast and effective implementation, and helps to start us off on the right track.

Step 7Lets talk!

We assess your response within 24 hours and schedule a call to discuss your requirements

We just need one phone call with you and your technical staff to talk through the steps to switching on our service for your organisation. Most implementations are very quick and easy, others present a few challenges – but either way, we will guide you through the whole process.

Step 8Preparation

Behind the scenes we work to get your organisation ready for the service

We’ll take all the necessary steps to get your organisation set-up within our cloud-based service, and prepare for delivery against any other of your requirements.

Step 9Switching on

We ask you to follow some simple instructions


Step 10Go-Live!

That’s it – your service is up and running!

Now that you are live, our managed service kicks in and we become part of your virtual team. We do all the hard work in the background and take the strain from your own staff by deliver interesting and easy-to-read updates and security recommendations that help to keep your organisation secure.