Case Studies

Case Study: Global Distribution Business

March 3, 2019


Deployment that secures Internet Access for over 5,000 employees, internal networks and guest Wi-Fi across 31 countries


Bolster security against ransomware and other Internet threats with no impact to globalnetwork performance.


Cisco Umbrella


• Significant decrease in exposure to ransomware and other forms of advanced malware• Streamlined security management• Improved Internet performance


The company was experiencing unprecedented expansion, with employees in global locations using more and more mobile devices and cloud services. New security vulnerabilities were becoming evident and the company saw a spike in a variety of malicious activities, including ransomware.


After considering several on-premise options, the company decided the way to solve this problem was Cisco Umbrella, and it was deployed and protecting the global network within six weeks.


After Umbrella was put in place, the company drastically reduced their exposure to ransomware, and since deploying have not been a victim of ransomware as a result of clicking a malicious link. They see tens of thousands of blocks per week due to security policy; not counting blocks based on category policies.By deploying Umbrella they have covered a great risk in the web attack vector of ransomware, and greatly improved their user experience in regards to Internet connectivity. They’ve even identified numerous phishing attempts and thanks to Umbrella the sites were not accessible, leaving the attacks unsuccessful.Additional benefits were also realised, by correlating the data that comes out of the Umbrella dashboard with their internal systems, they’ve discovered infected machines that were previously undetected by their existing security products.With their security stack now able to block threats at the DNS layer, they are looking to keep reinforcing the network with proactive security management. While Umbrella is very capable of blocking sites based on category policies, it’s most effective as a security tool and with that as a focus, it’s a critical component of any defence-in-depth strategy.Cisco Umbrella Investigate has become a key investigation and analysis tool for the Security team, adding enhanced levels of visibility into potential threats, while significantly reducing the time to collate and analyse threat data.Additional Cisco tools from within the portfolio like AMP for Endpoints, Stealthwatch and Cloudlock will only continue to bolster that strategy.



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