Cloud Security

Cloud Security

In an online world where data needs to be constantly available and accessible from anywhere, Cloud Security is critical.

Benefits of Cloud Security

Cloud Security

Secure Cloud Usage

Deliver Security to and via the Cloud without impacting the end user experience or productivity.

Cloud Visibilty

Cloud Visibility

Identify and stop threats quickly through enhanced cloud visibility, reducing time to respond and remediate.

Cloud Apps & Data

Secure Cloud Apps & Data

Protect users, data and applications against advanced threats both on premise and in the cloud.

Simplify Security

Simplify Cloud Security

Simplify the way you deliver fast and effective cloud security for your public and private cloud, as well as your on premise infrastructure.

Cisco Umbrella Services

Ironshare partner with Cisco to provide the latest in Security products and services. Cisco’s Umbrella platform is a key component in our service portfolio. As a Secure Internet Gateway, Cisco Umbrella provides the first line of defence against threats originating from the Internet. Being a Cloud driven service, Umbrella delivers high quality threat intelligence and blocks threats before they reach our clients networks.

As a Cisco Managed Service Provider, Ironshare uses the Umbrella Cloud Security platform to keep up with the growing threat landscape, and protect our clients. The Umbrella Managed Service is designed so MSPs can efficiently protect and manage their clients organisation individually, reducing time to deploy and time spent reacting to malware.

With Cisco Umbrella you get access to an advanced threat protection platform, that secures you from the minute its enabled, protecting against Malware, Phishing and Command & Control (C2) threats on the Internet.

There is no hardware to install and a simple change to your DNS settings can get you up and running in minutes.

If you like what Cisco Umbrella has to offer then why not try it out with a no-obligation to buy, Free Trial.

Cisco AMP for Endpoints Services

Cisco Advanced Malware Protection, is the Next Generation of Endpoint Security that delivers enhanced visibility, control, and protection for PC’s, Laptops, Servers and mobile devices, against today’s advanced threats.

AMP for Endpoints goes beyond traditional signature-based detection such as Anti-virus and Intrusion Prevention, to introduce new levels of intelligence, analysis and file inspection, for rapid detection and blocking of advanced malware.

With Ironshare’s AMP for Endpoints Managed Security Service, customers get an end to end service from purchase and implementation, through to full product management, by our experienced staff. This leads to increased customer confidence, that they are not only getting the latest in endpoint security, but also have a team of experienced security analysts that are on hand to monitor, respond and inform you about new or present threats to your estate.

Let Ironshare and AMP for Endpoints help you to detect unknown threats, rapidly respond to issues, and block advanced malware on your devices. Why not extend your advanced protection by combining AMP for Endpoints with Cisco Umbrella, the Secure Internet Gateway, to take your endpoint and Internet security to the next level.

Cisco AMP for Endpoints cloud based security platform protects your devices from the minute its enabled, detecting advanced malware through continuous file analysis and monitoring.

There is no hardware to install and by simply installing the AMP lightweight client on your endpoints, you can be up and running in minutes.

If you interested in what AMP for Endpoints can do for you, then why not try it out with a no-obligation to buy, Free Trial.

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