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Why layered security is vital to any business

October 2, 2018

Why layered security is vital to any business

You might have never heard of the term “Layered Security”, but it’s an important one. Whether you’re responsible for IT within a small business, or the head of a team looking after thirty thousand users on an enterprise network, a layered approach to security is vital.There is no single solution for security, as you will have noticed with the protections we all use on our home computers. You might for instance have some anti-virus software, a windows firewall, and maybe a tool to stop spam arriving in your inbox. You might also use parental controls to prevent children from accessing inappropriate material on the internet, or you might use a device to access home banking. It’s a challenge to cover of all this, and you probably have gaps you don’t even know about.It’s even more complex in the business environment, because there are more people involved, working in different ways, from different places. There are more systems that need to be accessed, there is more customer data being stored, and there is the threat of huge GDPR fines if you don’t look after that data sufficiently.It’s a serious responsibility and the threat to businesses of any size is very real, so if you’re not focused on IT security on a daily basis, then you really should be.

Whether you’re a small or medium sized business with an IT provider or a larger business with internal IT teams - do you know how good they are in terms of security? Would you know how to assess them – to see how capable they are at securing your business? Is security included in their offering as standard… and if it is – to what extent? Are your staff aware of everyday practices that help to keep you secure and do you have that protective mindset drilled into staff from the top level down?These are just a few of the questions you should be asking. You also need to secure your data, your applications, your endpoints (like computers, tablet devices and mobiles), your network (both internally, as well as it’s connection to the outside world), and of course secure any company websites you have.You need staff to be informed of appropriate working practices like password choices and how they share data, and you need to be able to control what they can and cannot access whilst on one of your devices.It’s a lot to consider!Unless you have a clear picture of all of this within your business, you are at risk of a breach.Stop and think for a minute about what it would mean for your business if it:

  • Lost access to critical systems for a week?
  • Lost access to critical data completely?
  • Had customer data stolen?
  • Had a ransomware demand of up to £100k?

You might be thinking it will never happen, but unless you want to gamble with days of lost business, ransomware attacks and data loss, you ought to be taking proactive action.At Ironshare we can help you with that.You won’t find a wonder product or a “SECURITY SILVER BULLET” but there are lots of viable solutions to address gaps in your current setup (these gaps will exist – we see them every time).Some of those solutions might just be working practices, whilst others might require software solutions to automate and protect your business. We can advise on what’s best for you.For a fraction of the cost of a cyber attack, we work with you to assess your current setup, help form a plan and deliver a layered security approach that means your business can feel confident that the correct measures are in place.We won’t over complicate matters, we’ll give you straightforward advice and let you know where you are most at risk. You might even be under attack now.Whatever the situation, our team of experienced Cyber Security professionals can help.Ironshare – Security, Simplified.About Ironshare Ltd:Ironshare is a provider of Information and Cyber Security services. With over 80 years of combined industry experience, Ironshare focuses on helping its customers to achieve a greater understanding of the risks to their organisation, whether large or small, while ensuring that defined Security solutions are delivered in simple and effective manner.


Stuart Hare is a Technologist with a passion for helping people in all aspects of IT & Cyber Security. Stuart is the Founder of Ironshare, an Information and Cyber Security company providing consultancy and managed services.

Samuel is a Security Analyst with Ironshare, an Information and Cyber Security company providing Security consultancy and managed services.

Joshua is working as a Managed Service Lead with Ironshare, an Information and Cyber Security company providing Security consultancy and managed services.


Ironshare is a provider of Information and Cyber Security services.

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