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April 23, 2018

We’ve been there ourselves, so we understand the need for you as a buyer to make an informed choice before any purchase.After all, you’re the ones who are going to have to live with the decision!As Ironshare are registered Cisco partners, we focus predominantly on Cisco security solutions, but the truth of the matter is, those solutions might not be the best fit for you.We only want happy customers… so to address this, our no-nonsense website explains the pros and cons of various products in an honest and transparent manner. We also go into greater depth with a series of easy-to-read articles about various Cisco solutions. Our aim is to provide information that gets to the point and give prospective customers a better understanding of what’s right for them.After reading these articles, you’ll be able to identify if our services sound good to you, and if you want to start working with us – then we aim to be flexible to your needs and keep everything as straightforward as possible.

Simple engagement of our services

"Try before you buy" - we offer a totally FREE and no-obligation 14-day trial. If you’re happy with what you see, then we make it super easy for you to proceed – simply fill in your details and requirements, and you’ll get an automated PDF quote delivered to your inbox within seconds.We always strive to be flexible, so we also offer a monthly payment plan - if that works better for your business or organisation then let us know (there are no long contracts to worry about, unless you want them).

We help you get started

On top of any Cisco purchase, we also offer installation assistance and a ‘fully managed service’.For installation, we have a chat with you about your environment, and then give you tailored, detailed and easy to understand instructions on how to get your new Cisco product working. We give over the phone and remote support to get you up and running – usually within a few days.

We also look after everything else

Our ‘fully managed service’ is our core offering. With our cloud-based solutions, it enables us to take on the responsibility of running and maintaining your Cisco security products on a day-to-day basis. We will have regular conversations with your security or IT support staff and try to understand which threats concern you the most – after that – you leave it to us.You will have no need to train staff on use of the products, so they can get on with other work. We monitor the outputs and findings and identify where risks and issues exist within your estate. Our Cisco qualified engineers will then give you specialist advice and let you know what you need to do to resolve and remove any threats to your company or organisation.Our service focuses on easy to understand, no-jargon reporting and remediation recommendations.

You will be up and running in no time

The speed of implementation is really decided by your own company change control practices.Our UK-based support team can help you get up and running with worldwide coverage of your PCs, laptops and devices in just minutes - if your network environment is simple enough. For other organisations with more complex networks and procedures, it may take a while longer - but we will work with you every step of the way and help you through the on-boarding process.Once deployed, Umbrella can protect all of your devices, wherever they are being used at home, in a hotel or maybe they’re connected to an internet café Wi-Fi network for instance. You can also manage access to different categories of websites for employees – as an example, this might be helpful if you have staff who spend long periods of time on social media during working hours.Your users will have an advanced and intelligent layer protecting them from external viruses and threats, and if you also adopt Cisco AMP for Endpoints – it will give you ultimate control on anything that sneaks through the gaps - via a rogue email, memory stick or by some other means. You’ll be able to nip concerns in the bud quickly and prevent matters from escalating.

Our core values

As we’ve mentioned already, our aim is to give you expert advice - delivered in a no-nonsense and simple to understand format. In addition, the core values we pride ourselves on include the ability to be ‘efficient and flexible’ - we need to add value to our customers and we do this by having skilled and innovative staff who are professional, well-educated and trustworthy.Trust is so important to us, it might sound a bit cheesy but really, what we say is what we do, and we maintain this attitude throughout all aspects of our services. We simply do whatever it takes to get the job done, that is right for you.

We keep in touch throughout to make sure you stay happy!

Our aim is to become an extension to your security or IT team, and to ensure that we add maximum value. The Ironshare managed service comes with a dedicated Service Account Manager (SAM) and a Technical Account Manager (TAM).Both roles will keep in touch with you throughout the service via monthly or quarterly telephone meetings – you decide the frequency and we will be there! The service meetings offer a chance to discuss your overall customer experience, and ensure you are getting what you want from the service.On top of this you’ll have qualified analysts keeping tabs on your organisation and alerting you whenever we see anything that you need to know about. In addition to any specific security alerts, we’ll provide regular reports (at an agreed frequency) and more detailed advanced reporting is available as required.All of our managed service clients get technical security support from their dedicated TAM, meaning that you have access to qualified specialist security advice whenever you want – you can use that to discuss any number of topics.If you’ve had an incident of some kind, your TAM will advise on best practice and make some clear recommendations on the best course of action to take.As a bonus and as part of the service (as required) - your TAM can arrange a security assessment of your organisation and report back the findings to help you identify areas of concern.Other things your TAM can do is to provide on-call information support for any security incidents you experience, and provide training materials if you want your staff to be more hands-on.We are in regular contact with Cisco themselves and often get early information about developments to the products we sell. For example, in the last 18 months, Cisco Umbrella has been continually enhanced and improved, with a number of these improvements based on our feedback and engagement.We share any interesting product news directly with our customers via an exclusive newsletter which also contains information about loyalty discounts on future service purchases.All in all, we aim to keep our customers happy by focusing on you every day 😊

Our Managed Security Service – in Summary

  • Certified Cisco partners specialising in Security
  • No-nonsense honest and transparent approach
  • "Try before you buy" - totally FREE and no-obligation 14-day trial
  • Automated PDF quotes delivered to your inbox within seconds
  • Annual services with monthly payment plans available on request
  • Fast Installation support – we can get you up and running within a few days
  • Fully managed service - running and maintaining your industry proven Cisco security products on a day-to-day basis
  • Multiple tiers of managed services to ensure the service meets your organisations size and requirement
  • Qualified analysts keeping tabs on your organisation and alerting you
  • Regular security reports available with advanced reporting an option as required
  • Easy to understand, no-jargon reporting and remediation recommendations
  • Protect all your devices in the office, at home, in a hotel or anywhere else
  • Manage and control access to different categories of websites for employees
  • Regular updates and early access to new functionality for managed products (where applicable)
  • No need to train staff – let us take the strain, so they can get on with other work
  • Dedicated Service Account Manager (SAM) and Technical Account Manager (TAM)
  • Monthly or quarterly telephone service review meetings
  • Technical security support that can be used to discuss any number of topics
  • Expert advice - delivered in a no-nonsense and simple to understand format
  • Skilled and innovative staff who are professional, well-educated and trustworthy
  • Advice on security best practices and clear recommendations on best course of action
  • Regular Security assessments for your organisation
  • Assessments will include a report of the findings and recommended actions as applicable
  • Our qualified engineers can identify security risks and issues within your estate
  • We’ll give you simple specialist advice on how to resolve issues
  • The assessment will include a security check of your company websites
  • It will also highlight exploitable gaps in services accessible from the Internet
  • We’ll check your companies email accounts for compromise
  • Full Internal security assessments also available upon request
  • On-call support for any security incidents available
  • Training and materials can be made available if you want your staff to be involved and more hands-on
  • Exclusive customer newsletter
  • Discounts on future service purchases

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Stuart Hare is a Technologist with a passion for helping people in all aspects of IT & Cyber Security. Stuart is the Founder of Ironshare, an Information and Cyber Security company providing consultancy and managed services.

Samuel is a Security Analyst with Ironshare, an Information and Cyber Security company providing Security consultancy and managed services.

Joshua is working as a Managed Service Lead with Ironshare, an Information and Cyber Security company providing Security consultancy and managed services.


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