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April 25, 2018

Managed Service Solutions

Ironshare work with organisations of all shapes and sizes, and whatever your requirement, whatever your limitation, there is always a solution. No job is too small!We offer a range of consulting and fully managed services that can be built specifically for you and our solutions are completely scalable to match any budget. In addition, our service led approach aims to build long term and trusted relationships – it’s at the heart of what we do.

We guarantee added value!

Once an order is placed with us, we manage the entire implementation process from end-to-end and our project management team take care of the entire lifecycle - from scoping and designing the solution, to supply, integration and crucially, support and our managed service.Our post-sales team gives you peace of mind and confidence that queries are dealt with quickly and effectively by real people, helping you there and then.

Security Solutions

Organisations face advanced cyber threats and network security vulnerabilities on a daily basis . It can be a hostile landscape but for every challenge there’s a solution, and we are always happy to discuss, and work with you - to find the answers you need.We can work directly with senior and executive stakeholders or work with your teams and create easy-to-understand documentation that supports your own in-house discussions.

Security Intelligence

We combine our skills, expertise and flexible approach with some fantastic security tools. Our cloud-based intelligence driven solutions help organisations predict, detect, prevent and respond to cyber threats and attacks.

Security Consulting

The goal of Security Consulting is to allow our security experts to assist you and your business with improving your overall security posture, and to develop the plans needed to prepare, respond and recover in the event of a breach or compromise.Our consultancy services extend to areas such as, incident response and investigations, risk analysis, information and technical assurance, roadmap and strategy development, security design, network asset discovery, and security assessments.In addition to the above we can also assist with the creation and development of security policy documentation. This can range from information and technical standards, best practice guidelines and secure build hardening standards and procedures.In summary we can help you address your Information and Cyber Security responsibilities in line with your organisational strategy and legal obligations.

Network Security

Network reliability and speed is vital for business today, and our tailored solutions can help you ensure your network runs seamlessly and securely. Our security assessments, monitoring, and network discovery tools can be used to work with your specific requirements while considering your business and network structure, processes and future scope.Whether you are looking for cloud based or data centre capabilities, Ironshare will be able to offer considered advice and solutions to address all your networking challenges.

Retainer Resourcing

No other sector is growing as fast as IT Security, and it can be difficult for organisations to attract and hold onto industry professionals. We offer access to skilled resources, via phone, chat, or email, that can work with you on a retainer basis, whereby you can call upon their services for a few hours or days a month.If you need more than that, we can help you source the right individuals for your team by assessing your requirements, building a job spec, and working with our recruitment partner to pre-interview and assess individuals for the role(s) in question.We pride ourselves in being a company that you’ll be glad to work with. We are always honest, open and transparent and will always bring genuine, considered advice in a simple to understand way.Complete the no obligation contact form link and we’ll get in touch with you by telephone within 24 hours to discuss your needs in more detail. After this we’ll get a quote delivered to your inbox and if everything is agreeable, we will start working for you immediately.


Stuart Hare is a Technologist with a passion for helping people in all aspects of IT & Cyber Security. Stuart is the Founder of Ironshare, an Information and Cyber Security company providing consultancy and managed services.

Samuel is a Security Analyst with Ironshare, an Information and Cyber Security company providing Security consultancy and managed services.

Joshua is working as a Managed Service Lead with Ironshare, an Information and Cyber Security company providing Security consultancy and managed services.


Ironshare is a provider of Information and Cyber Security services.

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