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Cisco Umbrella’s New Packages

February 22, 2020

Cisco Umbrella’s New Packages

With the ever-expanding features being added to Umbrella, Ciscohave released a group of licensed packages to cover the new functionality itcan now deliver. This post will outline the new packages available and their associatedfeatures.

Previous Packages

Before we move on to the new stuff, it’s important to notethat all the existing packages are not going anywhere at this stage, they arestill available to purchase under the same SKUs.

Just to recap, the below image highlights the main existing UmbrellaDNS Security packages.

Umb Packages

We previously covered all these in another postwhich can be accessed here.

Umbrella’s New Packages

Umbrella has significantly grown as a cloud service over thelast 12 month and now boasts a strong set of integrated cloud security features.

In addition to the DNS security that has been the foundationof Umbrella, it now includes some impressive new functions such as full web proxy,Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) / App security and cloud firewall.

Cisco have introduced three new Umbrella packages; the firsttwo relate to DNS security, while the third focuses on Umbrella’s SecureInternet Gateway functions.

These three new packages have been named:

  1. DNS Security Essentials
  2. DNS Security Advantage
  3. Secure Internet Gateway (SIG) Essentials

Note: The two DNS Security packages are due to eventually replacethe Professional, Insights and Platform licenses that are currently in place.

Umb New packages

Cisco’s aim here is to offer more flexibility and control,allowing customers to select a package that is more aligned to their requirements.

Small businesses can opt for a DNS security package toprevent the flow of online threats, phishing and malware, or if they need toprotect roaming users that are not on the company network.

While larger organisations may choose the more advanced featuresprovided by SIG Essentials.

Cisco Umbrella now incorporates a wide array of securityservices into a single cloud platform, allowing company admins and MSPs to centrallymanage the security for your office locations, branches and your users,regardless of their location.

Which Package is Right for our Business?

OK so we now have a view of the three new packages on offer,but which version of Umbrella is right for you?

The table below is a useful guideline for how the newfeatures map to each licensed package.

Umb Mapping

To summarise:

DNS Security Essentials offers all the core DNS-layersecurity features, including App discovery, Content filtering based on Webcategory and off-network roaming protection. All the core management capabilitiesare included, but unlike previous packages you now get access to Umbrella’sAPIs, log exporting, and identity-based policies which are now included in thisbase package.

  • Protect users on the corporate network
  • Protect off-network roaming users
  • Block domains associated with malware, phishingand other threats
  • Perform web filtering
  • Discover shadow IT
  • Integrate with Active Directory
  • Integrate with other tools via APIs forenforcement, management and reporting
  • Investigate threats using integration with CiscoThreat Response
  • Export logs to AWS S3 buckets

DNS Security Advantage includes everything in Essentialsbut is where you can start to gain more in-depth visibility and inspection capabilities,with the selective Intelligent Proxy. This provides deeper inspection into riskydomains and URL’s, as well as deep file inspection using the integrated Anti-virusengine and Cisco Advanced Malware Protection. In addition, you now get accessto the powerful Investigate console, giving instant insight and threatintelligence for risky domains, IP addresses and more.

  • Block IP addresses associated with malware,phishing and other threats that bypass DNS
  • Proxy risky or unknown domains and URLS.
  • Perform file inspection using AV and AMP engines
  • Decrypt and inspect SSL (TLS / HTTPS) trafficfor selective risky or unknown domains
  • Get deep instant insight for investigations usingCisco Umbrella Investigate web console and API integration.

SIG Essentials wraps up the new packages includingeverything in the DNS Security options as well as a suite of cloud deliveredservices. Unlike disparate security tools, Umbrella now unifies full web proxyor secure web gateway, cloud-delivered firewall, DNS-layer security, and CASBfunctionality into a single cloud security platform. Umbrella also integrateswith Cisco SD-WAN to provide security and policies for direct internet access(DIA).

  • Full proxy for web traffic
  • Decrypt and inspect all SSL (TLS / HTTPS) traffic
  • Integrated access to Threat Grid a cloud sandboxenvironment that can analyse suspicious sample
  • Cloud delivered firewall to create Layer 3 and 4policies to control traffic based on IP’s, ports and protocols.
  • Cloud Access Security Broker to discover andblock shadow IT
  • Granular CASB policies to control selectivecloud applications, uploads and attachments.
SIG Features

Having all this functionality in a single platform is criticalto a modern business; it helps to reduce the time, money, and resourcespreviously required for deployment, configuration and associated integrationtasks.

Licensing continues to be based on a per user per month /per annum basis.

Umbrella Support

Cisco have also changed the support model around Umbrella.Basic email support has been removed and Enhanced support is now required witheach subscription. You can also upgrade to Premium support for a more proactiveservice.

Enhanced Support option

  • 24x7 access to Cisco Cloud Security Support andprioritized case handling
  • Software updates
  • Online learning resources
  • Technical onboarding and adoption

Premium Support option

Includes Enhanced level features plus:

  • Assigned expert who provides incident managementand proactive consultation and recommendations to ensure successfulsecurity software deployment and ongoing management and optimization
  • Highest-priority case handling
  • Support case analytics


Cisco Umbrella is a very simple and yet very powerful Cloudbased platform that can be remotely deployed (within hours – depending on thecomplexity of your network). Once it’s in operation, it provides immediate predictivesecurity, both on-and-off your network, as well as content filtering and white /blacklist features to give better control over user activity, and much more.

The new packages offer a raft of excellent features that candeliver additional cloud security for your business all managed and controlledfrom a single platform. By starting with DNS security, you can easily expand Umbrellawith advanced Secure Internet Gateway services when you need them.

Ironshare provide a fully managed service, meaning that allyou need to do is tell us what you want to know about, and when. We’ll thentailor the service to your needs and deliver management reporting andrecommendations as often as requested.

Our service is applicable to companies of all shapes andsize, meaning that even the smallest businesses can get a full enterpriseservice, and use our reports to easily identify online threats to the business,problem PCs, or employee activity concerns.

If you’d like to get more information, detailed pricing for any of these options, or even try out Umbrella for yourself, please click here to Contact Us.


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