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Simple & Effective Web Protection

Cisco Umbrella epitomizes simple & effective security through its rapid deployment model and the immediate depth of protection it provides.

Umbrella SIG

Cisco Umbrella

The Cloud Security Platform that delivers the first line of defense against Internet threats, achieved through security enforcement that is built into the foundation of the Internet. By using the Internets infrastructure Umbrella provides more effective security, preventing access to malicious destinations, before a connection is ever established.



Cloud Driven

100% Cloud delivered Security platform for simple integration into your business. With no hardware to deploy Umbrella can  deliver effective security within minutes.


Protect your users

Umbrella delivers fast and effective protection against internet threats including Malware, Phishing, Command & Control, and Ransomware.

Improved Visibility

Umbrella gives complete visibility into your internet activity that is needed to protect your users and devices across, all locations and networks, including roaming clients.


As with all Cloud platforms performance is critical. By using DNS (the Domain Name System), connecting to the cloud is simple, fast and secure. Importantly Umbrella will not add any latency or performance impact to internet communications. In some instances you may even see an increase in internet speed in comparison to other public DNS providers.

Cisco Talos

Cisco’s Talos group is a world leading threat intelligence unit that feeds the richest set of threat information into Cisco’s Security products. With 250+ members, the Talos organisation is one of the largest groups in the world, providing its customers with best visibility into global threats. Performing more than 20 Billion blocks per day, Talos can push real world block data to their customers on average in 2-5 mins.

Cisco Umbrella Investigate

Cisco Umbrella Investigate is an add-on to the Umbrella service, accessible through its own web console, Investigate gives a complete view of the real time threat intelligence for domains, IP addresses and file hashes across the internet. Using Investigate brings meaning to the analysis process, bringing together threat information into a single source, speeding up investigation and response times, while allowing you to understand attackers infrastructure and stay ahead of attacks.

Intelligent Proxy

Traditionally the ability to control web traffic requires proxying of all connections, with blocking based on URLs, which results in performance impact and added complexity. Cisco Umbrella incorporates the use of the world’s first cloud based Intelligent proxy. Through the use of the selective Intelligent Proxy, Umbrella only performs deep inspection on requests where required. Requests to ‘Known Safe’ domains are permitted, and ‘Known Bad’ domains are blocked, meaning only risky domains that may potentially contain both good and bad content are sent to the Intelligent Proxy for URL and File inspection.

Protection over any port

Traditional web gateways protect against web threats over port 80 and 443, essentially leaving gaps in security. A Secure Internet Gateway delivers effective security across all port and protocols, protecting against items such as Command & Control, that bypass these standard web ports.

Content Filtering

In addition to Security policy enforcement, Umbrella also controls access to sites that are deemed inappropriate for business use. Umbrella contains over 60 built in categories, that can be enabled to prevent users from browsing non business sites that contribute to lack of productivity and hog much needed Internet bandwidth.

Shadow IT

If you have ever wondered what cloud / web services your employees are using, you know this is not an easy task. Not knowing how your corporate data is being used or where it is going, means it is difficult to protect. Cisco Umbrella includes Cloud Services reporting, that allows you to explore which services are being used by your employees and compare this to the services that are permitted by your IT department. In the event that a cloud service is breached Umbrella can assist you with identifying the devices that could be impacted.

AV-TEST places Cisco Umbrella as the leading Secure Web Gateway

AV-TEST a leading independent research institute for IT security  performed a review of Cisco Umbrella alongside comparable offerings from Akamai, Infoblox, Palo Alto Networks, Symantec and Zscaler.

Testing was broken into two phases, first DNS-Layer Security and second Secure Web Gateway.

In both tests Cisco Umbrella outperformed all other vendor offerings, coming out on top.

DNS-Layer Security Test Results
Secure Web Gateway Test Results

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