Cisco AMP for Endpoints

Next Generation Endpoint Security

Cisco AMP for Endpoints takes endpoint security to the next level, delivering next gen protection against ever-evolving advanced malware

AMP Endpoint

Cisco AMP for Endpoints

Driven by Cloud-based intelligence and management, Cisco AMP for Endpoints delivers complete protection against advanced threats, for PC’s, Laptops, and mobile devices. AMP works to detect and prevent malware as it enters the network, even those that evade your first line of defences.



Cloud Delivered Service

AMP is a Cloud delivered software-as-a-service (SaaS) endpoint security platform, providing simple integration into your business. For a standard setup there is no hardware to deploy, so AMP can  deliver effective security in no time.


Protect your endpoints

For complete endpoint protection AMP rapidly detects, contains, blocks and remediates advanced malware and threats across all the companies endpoints in real-time.

Deep Visibility

AMP for Endpoints gives you the depth of visibility needed to recognise threats in file based and fileless activity, and respond quickly to a potential compromise.

Continuous Monitoring

Unlike traditional endpoint protection solutions, AMP doesn’t stop when it’s completed the initial inspection of the file. Once the file reaches the endpoint, AMP uses continuous analysis and recording to keep track of the file, and understand the files behaviour over time. This continuous analysis happens regardless of how AMP has categorised the file (whether good, bad or unknown). This way, if a previously known good file starts to exhibit bad behaviour, AMP can detect this immediately and quarantine this file on all your organisations endpoints.

Threat Intelligence

Cisco’s Talos group is a world leading threat intelligence unit that feeds the richest set of threat information into Cisco’s Security products. Talos analyses terabytes of data and millions of malware samples every day. With 250+ members, the Talos organisation is one of the largest groups in the world, providing its customers with best visibility into global threats. Performing more than 20 Billion blocks per day, Talos can push real world block data to their customers on average in 2-5 mins.

Advanced Sandboxing

With the integration of Threat Grid and its advanced sandboxing technology, analysing advanced malware with AMP couldn’t be easier. AMP forwards suspicious files or malware samples to Threat Grid for static and dynamic analysis, and using over 1000 built in behavioural indicators, it determines if the sample is malicious or not, all in a safe and controlled environment.

Protect all endpoints

Cisco AMP for Endpoints has a broad range of coverage when it comes to the devices that can be protected. Whether you have Windows PC’s & laptops, Apple Mac devices, Windows or Linux Servers, or Android Mobile devices, AMP can deliver its advanced endpoint security to all.

Cisco Security Connector

With the Cisco Security Connector the power of AMP is now available for Apple iOS mobile devices. Cisco Security Connector includes both Cisco AMP for Endpoints and Cisco Umbrella, and is currently deployed and managed through a mobile device management solution such as Cisco Meraki Systems Manager.


A common trend with Cisco’s Security portfolio is the ability for their products to fully integrate with each other, and AMP is no exception. With AMP integrated deployments being available for the endpoint, network, web and email, all of these Cisco products can work together to ensure that the organisation is secure. If one product detects malicious activity the others can be informed to enforce network wide security.

How to Deploy AMP

Once you have decided that AMP for Endpoints is right for you, there are just three easy steps to get you up and running:

How many endpoints?

Decide how many endpoints you need to protect?
The amounts of endpoints is flexible with no upper limit. You can choose 25 endpoints; 2,000; 200,000; or anywhere in between.


How long for?

Decide on how long you want to run the subscription and place your order?
Subscriptions are available for 1, 3 or 5 years.

Deploy AMP

We setup your AMP account and provide the Cisco AMP for Endpoints lightweight connector agent for you to Install on your devices and allow them access to sync with your account in the AMP Cloud. Once this is complete you are up and running with endpoint protection.

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