Case Study: Managed IT & Security

Case Study: Managed IT & Security

Customer: Industrial Machinery and Services Company (IMSC)


In 2017 Ironshare were contacted by the Managing Director of a UK based Industrial Machinery and Services Company to assist with the supply of all of their IT Hardware, Software & IT Security. At our initial contact, the company had been in operation for approx. 12 months, they had plans for rapid expansion, however were limited due to lack of professional IT infrastructure and support.


This IMSC specialised in the distribution of parts and servicing for global customers of large industrial machinery. They had very little in the way of IT infrastructure, support or even the knowledge of what IT they would need, (apart from email) to help deliver both their current and future plans for growth.

The company’s director was also aware of the need for implementing IT Security from the start, due to the increasing number of news reports on high profile hacks and data breaches through random emails.

No online presence existed, meaning they had no website or professional social media to promote their services, and they were using standard Gmail accounts to communicate with their clients.


The solution we recommended and implemented, was a Managed IT & Security Service, based primarily on cloud-based services. This recommendation would help the company establish their IT & Security fundamentals, focusing on solutions that would allow them to grow organically over time, without the fear of restrictions that would prevent planned growth.

The service would include the following:

  • Supply and set up of laptops, tablets and smartphones.
  • Office 365 subscription for the organisation and its users, delivering email and file sharing services.
  • Cisco Umbrella a Secure Internet Gateway to secure users when on and off the network.
  • Offline cloud-based backup solution for Office 365 mailboxes and files.
  • Mobile Device Management for securely managing the organisations mobile phones and tablets.
  • Generation of electronic reporting for their customers, from tablets.
  • Provision of hardware and software.
  • Website creation services and hosting.
  • Remote support for IT and Security issues.
  • Specialist technical support, consulting and services as required.
  • Introduction of automated accounting solution (Quickbooks).


Since adopting the service, the customer now has established IT and Security services for all its users. The company has doubled in size in the last 12 months, and the service will continue to expand with them.

The cloud-based services provide the company with the flexibility they need to operate with their customers globally, with a new website that has been established to provide an online presence that will provide the outreach for future on line transactions.

By introducing a security-oriented culture and strategy from the start, the customer has the added confidence when conducting business online whilst protecting its users from online threats.

Please note that the identity of this client has been withheld to protect commercial confidence.

Main Benefits

Peace of Mind IT Security Protection and Management

Outsourced single point of contact for all IT & Security requirements

Capability to operate confidently & securely in an online global market

Automated data backups, reducing the risk of data loss

Guaranteed IT Support


Established IT Security for ALL Users

Implemented Cloud based services, providing global flexibility and scalability to support faster growth

Generated New Web Site for online presence

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